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Interested to have your kid learn coding but not quite sure?

Coding Classes for Kids Online

Classes Every Week

2 hours per week

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In our program, kids learn technology

Open the door to limitless possibilities for your child with Coding. This valuable skill will instantly set them apart and give them an edge over their peers. As young innovators, they will enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills while boosting imagination. Find the perfect course here designed for ages 6 to 16 and empower your kid with 21st-century coding skills.

  • Learn new skills- Logic, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking

  • Sharpen your child's Intelligence, Emotional & Creative Quotients

  • Peer-to-peer learning at convenience of your home

  • Give a boost to your child's education

Start your Kid’s Coding Journey in 2 Easy Steps!

1. Choose your course

2. Learn From Live Classes

Our Courses

1. Playground - develop interest in learning (Aged 8-12)

* Suitable for Upper Primary & Lower Secondary

2. Gym - develop self-learning practices (Aged 13-17)

* Suitable for Lower & Upper Secondary

3. Field - develop personal goal (Aged 15-17)

* Suitable for Upper Secondary


  1. Parents

Voon Chen Thong
2 Nov 2019

After my son was introduced to Arduino through Chumbaka's program, he started to create things. And that puts together his initial interest in creating and putting new ideas into practice.

Chumbaka teaches my child problem solving skills through programming.

Goh BH
26 Nov 2019

2. Teacher

Celina Anak Stephen
2 Nov 2019

I think the Junior Innovate is a good program to increase their confidence level and it helps in their problem solving, thinking skills.

Anuthra Sirisena
11 Nov 2019

Students start to want to solve problems around them with technology. Coding is no longer a topic they are afraid of and learning to share with their peers and others have dramatically developed.

3. Students

Voon Sen Yu &

Amadeus Ting
2 Nov 2019

We learn a lot about Arduino and coding. Besides that, we also learn that we have to divide our time properly so that we're able to finish the project in the limited time that we have. We also learn how to be brave enough to chase our dream like when inventing our game (project).


I really like helping people. And this competition (YIC) gave me a platform to do that. This time my project is to help the blind, but I’m hoping to be able to build other projects to help other disabled people.

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