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Introdution To Internet of Things(IoT)


Faculty of Electrical Engineering Universiti Teknologi MARA, Meng. in Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2012), BEng.(Hons) in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) – First Class, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2008)

Course goals

The overall goal of this course is to enable you to build an IoT system from the ground up. Note, this is an IoT system; as you’ll learn, there’s extensive variety insofar as what an IoT system can be. That said, during this course, you’ll learn the various kinds of IoT systems that you’ll encounter and build one using representative technologies.

Course objectives

1. Describe what IoT is and how it works today
2. Recognise the factors that contributed to the emergence of IoT
3. Design and program IoT devices
4. Use real IoT protocols for communication
5. Secure the elements of an IoT device
6. Design an IoT device to work with a Cloud Computing infrastructure.
7. Transfer IoT data to the cloud and in between cloud providers
8. Define the infrastructure for supporting IoT deployments

Abstract Background

Course outline

Module 1: Everything is Connected

  • Digital Transformation

  • Things and Connections

  • IoT Platform and Standards

Module 3: Network and Gateways

  • Data Communication Technologies

  • IoT Protocol

  • IoT Gateways

Module 2: IoT Nodes

  • Electronic Circuits

  • Sensors and Actuators

  • Microcontrollers

Module 4: IoT Applications

  • Fog and Cloud Computing

  • IoT Security

  • IoT Systems in the Real World



This program will be presented via interactive lecture and practical hands-on activities.
•    2 Days with 7.5 hours per day
•    Time 09:00 - 17:30
•    HRDCorp SBL Claimable
•    Certificate of Attendance available

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