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Financial progam


At Alpha Academy, we run a financial planning course for students as well, known as Little Warren Buffett. It is a one-day course, suited for 8 to 17 year olds.

The program introduces students to useful financial planning skills, money management techniques and wealth accumulation tips. This is done through fun quizzes, games and activities. Students also learn the value of teamwork and time management through the SMART goals technique.

"Kids nowadays need to know more than just saving their money"

-Instructor: Ms. Pauline, best-selling author/ Certified Financial Planner/ MBA

Check out the pictures from our last Little Warren Buffett course, and follow our Facebook page for continuous updates!


Chumbaka is a leading STEM education institute in Malaysia, providing programs inculcating technology and life skills, specifically tailored for students aged 8 to 17.


The programs provide a combination of coding, robotics, embedded systems and 3D printing. Through these programs, students also develop pivotal soft skills such as public speaking and teamwork skills.

Specifically, the programs coach the students on using Scratch, a visual programming language.

Our values

  • Our curricula provide students with exposure to various forms of technologies, and essential life skills.

  • Our learning materials cater for different paces and styles of learning.

  • Our real-life challenges develop the mind and heart

Our programs

  • Workshops (Duration: 3 hours)
    Students uncover their interest in coding and robotics by completing simple projects on a specific subject

  • Holiday camp (Duration: 3 days)
    Students take part in a hackathon to develop projects in teams and pitch their ideas

  • After school (Duration: 4 months)
    Students are given exposure to real-life problems and are required to find solutions using structured and critical thinking

Check out the pictures from the past events held by Chumbaka, and follow our Facebook page for continuous updates!

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