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The Forex Auto Trading Robot is an automatic computer program that decides whether or not to trade a currency pair for you, based on a algorithm developed by ChartNexus. Over the past half-decade, it has outperformed major indices such as Gold, Nikkei & STI by producing over 200% in returns. Unlike humans, the robot does not have any emotions affecting its trading, thus it ensures profitable returns. The chart below shows the performance of the robot:


Performance of robot - end 2010 to end 2015

Why you should buy?

The Forex Auto Trading Robot is a must-have for you if

  • You want consistent profits but don't want to put in too much effort.

  • You are new to stock trading and don't have experience/knowledge of the market.

  • You are too busy to sit down and look for profitable trades.

  • You are hesitant to risk losing your money, and thus want a more trusted way to trade stocks.


Price: RM 0.00 (free)

(Inclusive of delivery/shipment charges)

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