Technical Analysis (For Beginners)

What is Technical Analysis?

Alpha Academy Certified Stock Analysis is one of the best stock analysis course in Malaysia. Intermediate Technical Analysis provides a thorough grounding in technical analysis to traders and investment managers of all asset classes who are new to the subject. This two day course covers the essentials of technical analysis, whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis, and is designed to get students quickly up to speed and to a level where they can apply TA correctly and confidently in the markets they cover.


The objective of Alpha Academy Certified Technical Analysis Course is to prepare investors and traders to trade like professionals and make a living from active trading and managing your stock investment.


Whether you have never traded before, or only trade once in awhile, this course will teach you the secrets and practical aspects of the Malaysia stock market, with an emphasis on technical analysis, risk management, psychology, and the use of case studies.

You will learn technical analysis from the basic to the most advanced levels, utilizing techniques and high probability chart patterns used by professional traders and market makers. We will teach you how to identify patterns that stocks exhibit in charts of various time frames, and show you how to capitalize on that data by knowing how to enter, manage, and exit the trade appropriately.

Trading Floor

What you'll learn

  • Properly Plan and Know the Max Profit and Loss in Advance

  • Make Maximum Profit at Minimum Risk

  • Trade any Stock with a specific strategy that suits your trading concept

  • Use these Skills in any Stock, Index, Forex, Cryptocurrency etc

  • Use your Existing Technical Knowledge in the Most Efficient Way and Advanced way

  • Assignments and Quizzes to deepen your knowledge

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to learn different Trading Strategies

  • Anyone who wants to go Masters in Technical Analysis

  • Anyone who wants to learn Best ways to trade in Stock Market

  • Anyone who wants better Returns for their money

  • Anyone who wants to get the Ability to Save himself from Losses

About The Instructor

Pauline Yong Tung Fong is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and a licensed financial planner with Security Commission license CMSRL and Bank Negara licensed Financial Advisor Representative (FAR).


She started as a research analyst and she was also an economics lecturer for 16 years and now She is the course facilitator for the Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) CPE courses.


She has published 5 investment and financial planning books and currently a regular writer for various magazines and newspapers. Currently, she is a regular commentator for City Plus FM radio station for stock market outlook.

She received her MBA in Finance from University of Leicester, UK and her BBA (Hons) in Finance from York University, Canada. In addition, she is also a certified chartist (CFTe) in Malaysia and a member of the Society of Technical Analysis (STA) UK. Currently, Pauline holds the position of the Chairperson for FPAM Johor Chapter.

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