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Financial Statement and Sector Analysis

Course Description

This course provides a thorough grounding in fundamental analysis to investors and investment managers of all asset classes who are new to the subject. A key objective of this course is to develop analytical skills for making sound investment decisions, based on publicly available information, while developing reasoning and critical thinking skills through presentations and extensive online classroom discussions.

Course hour per week: 3 hours for 5 weeks

What you'll learn

  • Research publicly traded companies using various internet-based information sources and computer programs

  • Analyze crowd behavior based on specific market indicators

  • Research for financial news

  • Analyze financial analysts’ reports and recommendations

  • Value stocks based on their valuations

  • Assignments and Quizzes to deepen your knowledge

Data on a Touch Pad

Course outline

1. Basics of Stock Market Analysis – Economic Data

  • Explore the latest trends in today’s stock markets 

  • The importance of information technologies. 

  • Key definitions, investment vehicles, algorithms of decision making. 

  • Economic Indicators

2. Fundamental Analysis – Financial Statements

  • How to read annual reports of companies 

  • How to read income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. 

  • How to spot potential accounting fraud in public listed companies

3. Financial Ratio Analysis

  • Categories of financial ratios 

  • How to meaningfully apply financial ratios for stock analysis 

  • Internet sources for fundamental analysis

4. Industry Analysis

  • Identifying the different industries and sectors

  • Assessing their strengths and weaknesses in the sectors

  • Industry trends and market share

  • Competitors analysis

5. Making Investment Decision

  • Steps in making investment decision 

  • How to construct a portfolio that suits your risk profile.

Financial Report

Course Materials

The primary learning materials for this course are articles, lectures, and videos.


Assignments and coursework

All our courses are HRDCorp-certified

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