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Financial Statement Analysis

Course objectives

  • Able to interpret any financial statements confidently

  • Able to apply financial tools and techniques to measure and evaluate business performance including those of competitors

  • Able to identify the various uses of financial statements

  • Able to apply and to improve business performance and profitability through the understanding of cash flow statement

  • Able to use and present financial information

  • Able to calculate and interpret liquidity, managerial efficiency, financial stability and profitability ratios

  • Able to apply financial statement analysis to assess the performance of a business.

  • Able to develop skills in analyzing accounting reports and evaluating organizational performance through statement of change in financial position

  • Able to master financial planning, forecasting and budgeting

Targeted industry/industries for the courses

Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, IT, logistic, financial advisors, and any other financial practitioners.

Target Group (by designation)

  • Finance & Account Managers

  • Finance & Account Executives & Supervisors

  • Finance & Account Assistants

  • New Financial Executives

  • Accounting Personnel

  • Professionals seeking the understanding of financial statement analysis to assist in their corporate decision makings

Financial Report

Course outline

Day 1

  1.  The importance to understand accounts

  2.  Types of business organization in Malaysia

  3.  Accounting concepts and rules

  4.  Users of financial statements

  5.  Characteristics of financial statements

  6.  The accounting principles and Policies

  7.  The accounting equation

  8.  Income Statement

  9.  Balance Sheet

  10.  Cash flow Statement

Day 2

11.  Financial Ratios and Analysis
12.  Financial Reporting
13.  Company Annual Report
14.  Corporate Financial Budget, Planning and Control
15.  Resource assessment, gap analysis and financial modeling
16.  Corporate financial planning flow
17.  Preparing cash flow projections
18.  The role of managers in the operational and financial budgets
19.  Pro forma income statement
20.  Pro forma balance sheet

Signing a Contract


This program will be presented via interactive lecture and practical hands-on activities.
•    2 Days with 7 hours per day
•    HRDF SBL Claimable
•    Certificate of Attendance available


All our courses are HRDF-certified

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