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Personal Tax Planning

Course objectives

This course will provide you with technical knowledge and expertise to respond to the needs of tax planning for individuals. The knowledge will help you to build and preserve wealth through insightful and creative tax planning techniques. Get the latest techniques for building and conserving wealth through proactive tax-planning and investment strategies

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Analyse individual’s current situation and determine opportunities to achieve wealth management goals.

2. Assess the impact of taxation on the financial position of an individual

3. Identify tax implications in asset distribution and preservation

4. Formulate tax effective strategies for investment and managing of wealth

Tax Income Reports

Course outline

Personal Tax Planning

  •  Overview of income tax planning

        - Background on Malaysia tax industry
        - Structuring tax planning strategies
        - Considerations for tax 

  •  Business income

        - Defining business income
        - Tax planning for business income
        - Utilization of business losses
        - Capital allowances

  •  Taxation on non-business income

        - Planning strategies available to employees
        - Tax on rental and investment income
        - Considerations for other forms of taxable income

  •  Taxation planning as a tool in financial planning

        - The math of personal finance
        - Key aspects of wealth accumulation
        - Tax planning as a tool in financial planning



The primary learning materials for this course are lecture notes and powerpoint slides

•    1 Day with 7 hours per day
•    HRDF SBL Claimable
•    Certificate of Attendance available


Mr. KP Bose Dasan

(B Econ (Hon UM), MBA (UK), ChFC (USA), CFP (FPAM) , Advance Course Taxation (IRB Malaysia)

KP Bose Dasan has more than 40 years’ experience in taxation. He served in the inland Revenue Department for 8 years and practiced tax manager with the accounting firm Hahfiah Rasian Mohamad. He had his own tax practice for 20 years and moved into tax training in the last 20 years. He has authored more than 80 articles on tax, financial planning and investment that have appeared in the Edge, Personal Money, Smart Investor and many other professional magazines. He is literally the first financial planning guru in Malaysia, training financial planners since 1997, 10 years before the financial Services Act 2007. KP Bose specialty is tax planning and believes that knowing the law is fundamental to compliance and planning.

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