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Retirement and Estate Planning

Course objectives

This course provide an overview of the personal finance field. It is suitable for those who want to increase their financial literacy for their general well being.​

Targeted industry/industries for the courses

Manufacturing, consumers and any other industries.

Target Group (by designation)

  • Executives

  • Non-Finance Managers

  • Project/Technical Managers

  • Anyone who needs to know more about personal finance

Senior Man Working from Home

Course outline

Retirement Planning &Estate Planning


  •  The Retirement Planning Process

        - Estimate the amount of income needed during retirement – Income                               replacement and expense methods

        - Estimate the capital needs for retirement

        - Evaluate the current resources – EPF savings and Non-EPF savings

        - Formulate strategies for filling retirement income deficit

        - Evaluate other retirement resources – Private Retirement Scheme

  •  The Estate Planning Process

        - Definition of estate planning
        - Role of an estate planner
        - Techniques for preserving wealth
        - Role of life insurance in estate planning
        - Types of trusts
        - Taxation of trusts
        - Wills
        - Syariah Law in relation to estate planning

Signing a Contract


This program will be presented via interactive lecture and practical hands-on activities.
•    1 Day with 7 hours per day
•    HRDF SBL Claimable
•    Certificate of Attendance available


All our courses are HRDF-certified

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