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ShareInvestor WebPro provides you with a full suite of fundamental data and technical charts, readily available for your investment analysis. With ShareInvestor WebPro, you will be able to make good investment decisions with confidence and be the first to be updated with the latest financial news and information.

Benefits of using ShareInvestor WebPro

  • Get access wherever you are. Use it in your home/office with your browser or outside with your smartphone/tablet on the iPhone and Android apps.

  • Easily monitor the ever-changing price information using features such as Time & Sales and Quote Movements to plan a timely entry/exit. Setup a price alert and be informed when your trigger conditions are met.

  • Keep a close eye on your investment earnings and receive daily portfolio updates by email.

  • Conveniently keep yourself updated with all the related news, corporate events, insider trades and forum postings on counters in your portfolio on a single page.

  • Analyse any company with their financial statements and make use of the financial ratios to compare a company with its peers.

  • Screen out the stocks worth investing in with the customisable FA & TA Market Screener. Get to know the trading patterns of the directors or substantial shareholders of listed companies.

  • Spot trends and predict future price movements with Technical Analysis on the Tick Charts

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